Australia’s skilled migration program is intended to attract young, highly skilled people with a high level of English language ability and who have skills in particular occupations that are needed in Australia. These visas are points tested with an Expression of Interest (EOI) lodged and an invitation to apply for a visa.

Skilled Independent - Visa Subclass 189

This is a permanent visa that an Australian Immigration Agent can aid you in successfully acquiring. This visa does not require sponsorship and allows you to live anywhere in Australia.


Skilled Nominated - Visa Subclass 190

This is a permanent visa that an Australia immigration agency can assist you in acquiring. It requires sponsorship from a state or territory government.


Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) - Visa Subclass 491

This is a temporary provisional visa applicable to those who are sponsored by a state or territory government, or by an eligible Australian relative. An Australia Immigration Agent can assist you in applying for and acquiring this visa.


Skilled Regional - Visa Subclass 887

If you meet the conditions of this visa, the applicant can then apply for the skilled nominated visa with the assistance of Australian Visa Consultants.


Graduate Visa - Visa Subclass 485

The Graduate visa is for international students, who have completed an Australian qualification (studying within Australia for a minimum of 2 years) but have not yet met the skilled migration visa points test. Australian Visa Consultants can help you gauge your eligibility and support your application process.


Recognised Graduate Visa - Visa Subclass 476

The Recognised Graduate Visa is for recent graduates of specific qualifications (and specific countries) such as Engineering. Speak to your nominated Australian Migration Agent to assess the criteria and understand the application process.


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