Australian immigration laws are complex and constantly changing. The process of applying can be stressful and expensive. As a Registered Migration Agent in Australia, we understand the criteria and processes involved for successfully gaining various visas and sponsorships. To encourage a successful outcome, Australian Visa Agents can guide you and advise you with professional consultancy services. Our Australian Visa Consultants are highly trained in Australian immigration law and can provide you with an efficient, economical and professional service.

Here is a snapshot of the process we go through with you:

An overall immigration application strategy
Manage all the stages of your visa application process to ensure that all deadlines are met
A checklist of documents required for each stage of the immigration process
Prepare all necessary forms for the immigration application

Prepare and lodge your skills assessment with relevant assessment authority
Arrange sponsorship with a State and Territory government
Lodge your visa application with the relevant immigration department in Australia or overseas
Notify you of updates on the progress of your visa application



by completing the online contact enquiry form. We will respond within 48 hours

Face to Face Consultation

come into our office and meet with our registered migration agent

Phone Consultation

speak on the phone to one of our registered migration agents

Skype Consultation

arrange to speak with us via skype

Consultation fee

There is a consultation fee payable in order to arrange a detailed consultation with our Registered Migration Agents.



What do I get as part of the consultation?

1. A detailed assessment of your best visa options, critical dates and pathways to a visa.

2. A full fee schedule that includes the immigration fees, professional fees and other costs associated with processing your visa application.

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