Family stream migrants are selected on the basis of their family relationship with their sponsor in Australia. There is no test for skills or language ability for these visas.

Partner Visa - Visa Subclass 300, 309,100,820 & 801

Registered Immigration Agents in Australia can help you obtain a Partner Visa, if you are married, engaged, or living in de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. In this instance your partner may sponsor you for migration to Australia.

Partner visa categories:

• Prospective Marriage (fiancée)
• Married partners (spouse) or de facto partner (including same sex relationships)

This visa has a 2 stage process towards permanent residency.


Child Visas - Visa Subclass 101 & 802

Child visas within this category can be obtained via an Australian Immigration Agent:

• Dependent child - Visa Subclass 445
• Adopted Child - Visa Subclass 102
• Orphan Relative - Visa Subclass 117 & 837


Parent Visas

A Parent Visa can be obtained via an Australian Immigration Agent:

• Contributory parent or contributory aged parent - Visa Subclass 884, 864, 173 & 143
• Parent and aged parent - Visa Subclass 103 & 804
• Sponsored parent (temporary) - Visa Subclass 807


Family Member Visas (Immediate or Extended)

Visas in this category are:

• Remaining relative - Visa Subclass 115 & 835
• Aged dependent relative - Visa Subclass 114 & 838
• Carer - Visa Subclass 116 & 836

Please contact us, your Australian immigration consultants, for further information on eligibility requirements or for a consultation.


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